Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Recently, when I was at the wine store perusing the reds, there were two women near me having a friendly dispute. One said to the other, "I'm going to do a survey". Then she turned to me.
Woman: Are you married?
Me: No. Are you taking a poll of married people?
Woman: Okay, say you saw an actor you really loved and you just stepped right up and kissed him. Would your husband be upset?
Not to disappoint her I said, "No husband I would have."
Woman: I rest my case.
Then she laughed and the two of them moved off.
Now, like I say, I didn't want to disappoint her but -and you husbands can correct me if I'm wrong-I do think that any husband would have a right to be annoyed, perhaps even peeved about something like that. What I was really wondering was: was this based on personal experience or was she just planning ahead?


karen said...
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karen said...

If I ran into, say, Sean Connery, Chris might think it surprising if I *didn't* throw myself at him...