Friday, November 02, 2007


I went on a serious shopping trip to the Fairway today. I loaded up on all sorts of staples. I have hopes of actually cooking dinner and lunch for myself. We'll see how it goes.

I had most of the stuff delivered but I took the perishables home, in this new addition to the household.

Isn't it neat? It's insulated and lined with foil to keep the cold in. I haven't tested it with ice cream yet but it's worked very nicely with milk and butter.

For dinner this evening I got myself some fish. Brook trout. I don't do anything fancy with 'em, they're best when simply grilled and seasoned with salt and pepper. Not having a grill I put them in the broiler.

Here they are, ready to be broiled.

I think he's smiling. He knows how tasty he's going to be.

Here he is after his trip through the broiler.

And here he is at the end of his journey.

I'm saving the second one for tomorrow. I think I'll have it with some lentil salad.


Epiphany Alone said...

Oh, your friend looked tasty. How perfect he looked coming out of the oven.

I love the cart. I keep thinking about getting a similar outfit for my car so that I don't have to worry about how many errands I have between the grocery store (about 4 miles away) and home.

Do you happen to know why it is that organic dairy products have a much longer shelf life than conventional ones? A half gallon of conventional milk lasts a week to ten days, an organic half gallon usually has a month. Also, does it just seem like the organic yogurt (I usually buy plain whole milk in the big tubs) have more pro-biotics (haha, you know, bacteria) living in them than the conventional varieties?

Well, that was long, but maybe I gave you today's post ;)

Miss you, Syb!

The Plaid Sheep said...

@Epiphany:I can only speculate. Does it say Ultra Pasteurized on the organic milk? Ultra pasteurized always lasts longer. I don't know why else it would. As for the yogurt I find that the better brands (usually organic) do have more probiotics in them. Stonyfield has 6 different ones. My sister gave me a yogurt maker. I have yet to try it out properly.

Epiphany Alone said...

Yes! I didn't notice that before. It says Homogenized and Ultrapasturized on the 1 and 3.25 percent varieties (Lauren drinks skim milk and Lindsay drinks whole), and in that box it lists the vitamins they've fortified the soy milk with (Lauren prefers to drink soy milk, probably because it's sweeter than cow's milk).

I have Stonyfield Whole Milk because I realized the probiotic kind I was eating had 15 g of sugar. Seriously, that's a ton. Generally I sweeten mine with either a teaspoon of Polander All Fruit in apricot or a bit of honey.

I've been interested in home-making yogurt since it just seems causing milk to spoil wouldn't be that hard. Not like making my own French boulle. Seriously, I love that stuff. It only last about 2-3 days, but usually we're at the end of a loaf by then. We particularly enjoy a slice slathered with some sweet cream butter.

karen said...

You guys are making me HUNGRY and this is not going to be a good cooking week at our house - we're in too much of a rush to do much with dinners.

The Plaid Sheep said...

Wasn't Heather's post mouth-watering? Makes me want venison right now.