Monday, November 05, 2007

A Ball for Healing

As some of you know, I've been having trouble with my right wrist. Initially I had a weird crawly sensation in the top of my hand whenever I moved my index or middle finger up and down and I would get a feeling of heat if I used the computer for too long. As time has gone on, these symptoms have been replaced by weakness and pain if I try to rest weight on my hand when the wrist is fully flexed. Recently I have begun to suspect that some of the more recent problems stem from the fact that I've been babying my wrist and hand. It's gotten stiff and weak so now it whines and screams if I try to really use it. So I've been trying to gently exercise it and stretch it.

The other day one of our clients who knows of my problem brought something to show me. He'd been having some pains from serious computer use and someone recommended this thing to him. And it was working. After a couple of weeks of using it his discomfort was gone. He left it with me for the day so I could play with it. The upshot is that I bought one for myself.

It's a gyroscope inside a hard plastic ball. You set it spinning and then use the motion of your hand to speed it up and keep it spinning. The spinning causes torque which creates resistance against the muscles in your hand, wrist, and arm. You can feel the muscles working but there is no impact. It's called a PowerBall and is made by Dynaflex. The client bought his directly from the website and he bought the model that lights up. It generates 35 lbs of torque. I decided to try the slightly lighter model that generates 25 lbs. It doesn't light up but I was able to buy it at Paragon so I didn't need to wait. I believe in instant gratification.

I'm going to start slow, using it 10 minutes or so a day and then increasing to 20 minutes. I have hope that it will help my tendons heal and get over their pissy mood. Stay tuned for the exciting results.

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