Saturday, November 17, 2007


I realized this morning that I failed to blog yesterday. I was wiped out when I got home. Nothing like an emotional day on top of too little sleep to leave you really drained. It was great to see everyone though. And so many people came, both to the wake on Thursday and the funeral on Friday. It was a Catholic mass, done to comfort Ed's family who are all Catholic. Ed himself didn't care one way or the other. I do think the ritual helped his wife and his kids to begin coming out of the hole they've been trapped in for the last few weeks.

The priest however, left much to be desired. Isn't public speaking a required course at seminary? It certainly should be. A funeral mass should not be delivered in a monotone. It should also not be used as a commercial for the church and for mass attendance. I also think that one should find out a little about the man for whom one is giving the mass. Not his life story, but a little something personal would have been nice.

We all went back to Beth's after and sat around talking about old times. We all told stories, and we laughed a lot and then we made pisco sours and drank a toast. I thought: that's a proper send off.

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