Sunday, November 11, 2007

Beyond My Control

It's time for an offering to the gods. This became painfully apparent today when the boiler at my job malfunctioned. No ignition. 1 location out. That's all it had to say for itself when it quit working this morning and left us hoping the trapped heat would last and dragging out the space heaters when it didn't. This is following two server crashes in one week. Obviously some god somewhere is feeling neglected or perhaps he feels under-appreciated and taken for granted. A sacrifice will have to be made, an offering given. If the gods are appeased they may cause the repairman to arrive first thing in the morning (as promised). This is, I know, a miracle of Biblical proportion but I think it can be managed. As it is, the people in the 7am and 7:30am classes will have to rely on the space heaters and their own heat generation to stay warm.

Of course the real miracle will be my ceasing to feel responsible. Not for the boiler breaking, that is the result of years of neglect. But for not preventing it with timely action. For not having a better solution than space heaters. It's ridiculous really. It simply isn't possible to reverse years of benign neglect in a few short weeks. I know this is true. I know it, as I know that today is November 11 but somehow I can't seem to get my whole brain to agree. Stupid brain. If it knew what was good for it, it would stop worrying and get on with creating and learning and resting.

So how do I feel at the end of this day?

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