Monday, June 23, 2008


At the Farmers' Market, man on a cell phone:

Yeah, they've got vegetables and shit...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Nothing At All

Can you believe it's almost the summer solstice? We're almost halfway through the year. It doesn't seem possible. I don't know why I should find that hard to believe. You'd think I'd be used to time passing by now. We all know that time is subjective. Some days take forever and others pass in the blink of an eye. I wonder if people in centuries past got together and complained about how fast the year was passing. Or is time passing faster for us now that each day is scheduled and programmed and timed to the last minute? I feel odd, even slightly guilty, if I just sit around doing nothing on the weekends. As if I am required to use my time well, as if it were just plain wrong to allow an idle day to pass. I suspect that that is an old guilt. Certainly my grandmother always had some work to do, at the very least she would read a book or a magazine. She never just sat for a whole day doing nothing. It's too bad. I think we could all benefit from doing nothing every now and then. Just sitting for a few hours doing nothing but thinking or day dreaming or seeing figures in the clouds as they pass overhead.

Now I know that all of you have busy schedules. Work and kids and school and chores and and and and and and and.... But won't you join me in a couple hours of doing nothing? Even just one hour. No books, no tv, no internet, no music, no other people, just you and your own thoughts. Pick a day, any day, any time and have a comfortable seat. In your garden if you have one, or in the park, or in your living room and just let the time go by. Savor it, like a fine glass of wine. I think you'll like it.