Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Random Stuff

A couple of weeks ago I got this message on my voicemail from a man who said he was a voice from my past. He did not identify himself and said he would call back. He did, again when I was not here. Once more he did not identify himself. But I have the technology. That's right, I used *69. Now I have a phone number. Unfortunately the reverse lookup was only slightly helpful as the number is unlisted. I did learn that it is in Rhode Island. Having listened to the voice a couple of times I still have no idea who it might be. I presume it is someone from my high school days but we will see when I call the number back tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.

As I sit here writing this I am also listening to a program on Discovery Health about a woman who is both pregnant and (you'd better sit down mothers) paralyzed from the waist down. Now, you might think that this would have its advantages. No pain from contractions, for example. But in fact when the body has a contraction and then cannot communicate that to the brain it has a freakout which can result in a stroke. This is called autonomic dysreflexia. She will still need an epidural to combat this. Needless to say, she has a whole host of troubles including a difficult time regulating her body temperature, a susceptibility to blood clots, and she has managed to get a bladder infection in her 8th month. So far she has had 17 sonograms. She is now at 38 weeks and they are inducing labor. This is a long long process. She has to hang out for 15 hours while the baby drops and she dilates. The delivery itself does not take that long and between her and the doctor they get the baby out. It's a boy. Poor little thing, he is having trouble breathing and has been taken to the ICU. Fortunately he is out pretty soon but mom is having trouble. It is now 6 weeks since the delivery and she cannot sit up in her chair for long because her blood pressure is very very low. Dad is taking care of it all. It seems she has a uterine infection. Now that dad has gone back to work she has attendants to help her. She does not know if she will ever be as functional as she was. Maybe they will revisit her and we can find out.
Does this make your nasty experience seem a little less nasty? Probably not. But it is amazing what people can and will do.

My last random thought is certainly not least. It is a BIG THANK YOU to Lady Epiphany and The Queen of All who have graciously put an ad for my business on their blogs. They are the best. We should all have such good friends.


Epiphany Alone said...

That's a little creepy. I'm assuming it wasn't Harry, though he does live Out on the Island.

Does it make my nasty experience seem less nasty? Hmm. It's a sad story. Things can go very wrong in the whole process for both mom and baby, and unfortunately, that's just how it is. You hope for the best.

I wouldn't say birthing was a nasty experience. It leaves you changed in a lot of ways, and not just that you pee a little bit when you sneeze...it makes you a whole lot less afraid of a lot of stuff. And a whole lot more afraid of other stuff. The moment you realize that giving birth isn't the hardest thing you're going to have to do for that person is pretty humbling...and amazing.

Delphi said...

No, not Harry. I would have recognized the voice and he would have said who he was.

The woman on the show had no regrets though she had not been prepared for being so helpless. I am curious now to know how it works out. Hopefully they will go back to her for a follow-up.