Saturday, January 20, 2007


I had a real Mormon sighting today. There is a Church of the Latter Day Saints here in Inwood and I had some neighbors who are Mormon but I have never seen a missionary pair. Today as I headed to the farmer's market I saw them. Two young men in black suits and black coats and earnest faces. They attempted to speak to one man who ignored them completely and then a couple who I suspect replied that they belonged to the local Catholic church. The young men did not speak to me so my aura was functioning properly. I do feel for them though. I know the missionary work is a two year commitment. But I don't know much else. Is there a quota? If you don't sign on enough people you don't get the merit badge? I have some relatives who are Mormon though they are pretty low key about it. Once, when I was about 13 and my folks were away and my cousins were babysitting, we got a visit from Brother Smith and Brother Love. Since we had these Mormon relatives we decided to be neighborly and invited them to dinner. We also figured they didn't get much in the way of good food so we made lasagna. Brother Love was round, blond and cherubic while Brother Smith was dark and thin but he ate a prodigious amount. It transpired that he was one of eleven children and if you didn't eat up and quick you got shortchanged. I think they knew from the outset that we were a lost cause but they did get a good home-cooked meal and had a nice evening. Maybe someone will feed those two young men I saw today.

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