Monday, January 22, 2007

More Oddities

My walk from the subway takes me through a park and today in that park there was a piece of coconut in a tree. It was just sitting there, perched on a branch as if it had been carefully placed there. I couldn't help but wonder, why on Earth would you put coconut in a tree? On Saturday I had seen a man break open a coconut on a rock. This was in the same park though not in the same place. I wondered, did this man put the coconut in the tree or was it some other random coconut placer? I intend to go back tomorrow and see if the piece is still there. It might make a nice nest if a bird could manage to get it higher up in the tree. Maybe if he got some of his bird friends to help. Promised them bird seed and nectar if they helped with the move.


Kicking N. Screaming said...

No way could a bird friend have helped. It's a simple question of weight ratio - a 5 ounce swallow can't carry a 1 pound coconut!

karen said...

Maybe the coconut is there as food for someone who's hungry? It could be a real treat - I doubt any of the food programs offer fresh coconut.

@kicking: African swallow or European swallow?