Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Brain Trouble

I discovered today that while good train karma is nice it will not save you when your brains turn to jelly causing you to forget important things. Like jury summonses. I had purposely left the summons out so that I would not forget. But somehow I didn't really grasp that today was the day. Not until 9:30 this morning. I was supposed to appear at 9am at 100 Centre Street for Grand Jury selection. I arrived at 10:45 and the court officers sent me away to 60 Centre to re-schedule. I suspect that if it had been a regular jury selection I would have stayed. Often there is no selection until the afternoon. But the Grand Jury is different. There is no voi dire. Jurors are picked randomly and serve a half day every day for 4 weeks. So I duly went to 60 Centre, which is the big building with columns that always appears in Law & Order (though it is the civil court), and into the Jury Commission. The nice lady behind the desk rescheduled me for the end of the month. I'm sad about that. I would rather have gotten it done this month but what can you do when your brains start leaking out of your ears? Like the man said, all's well that end well. When I get the next summons I must put it in Outlook and possibly hang a big sign on the wall that says, "Don't forget to go to court!"

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