Monday, May 01, 2006

Tag I'm It

I have been tagged for the Weirdness Meme.
6 weird things about me. This was tough. Hard to distinguish between weird and just idiosyncratic. Here goes.

1. I talk to myself, a lot. Though not usually in public. Comes from the days when I was little and had an imaginary friend I would talk to. Lost the friend, kept the talk.

2. Whenever I leave the house for an extended period I have to make sure that the stove is off, the fridge is completely closed and the kitchen faucet is off. If I go out the door and I haven't done it I have to go back in and do it. I call it my "idiot check". And if I'm going away for a few days I also unplug anything that can be unplugged.

3. I like rats. I think they're cool. I wouldn't want an infestation but I'd love to have them as pets. However, my cats would probably eat them.

4. This is a an OCD thing but I'm including it. If I have 3 or more books by a single author on my shelves they must be in chronological order (by publication date). I can't stand it any other way.

5. I really want to own a pair of thigh high shit kicker boots. You know the ones, with the high high heels all in leather.

6. When I get old I want to be the weird old lady with several cats and a spooky house that all the children run by on Halloween.

There. How's that?


Blonde said...

I'll send the grandkids over to throw flour in your face and egg your house every Halloween.

Epiphany Alone said...

Number 2 seems pretty sensible. My husband does that, so I get to relax while he works out his OCD...

Delphi said...

Bring it on Blonde.
I'm not moving to St. Louis though.