Friday, May 05, 2006


Thank goodness this week is over. I worked 6 days in a row and that is no good at all. Judge my state by the fact that yesterday I would much rather have been with Lady Epiphany at the Two's and Three's Reading Party at the public library. I would cheerfully have made elephants on sticks and listened to children's stories rather than be at my desk in The Hole. I remember a time, in my former life when I worked in theatre, when I frequently worked many days in a row without a break. But as hard as that labor was it did not make me want to stab out my eyeballs just so I could go home. And of course it is not just the actual work. It's true, entering numbers endlessly is no fun. But if the environment was pleasant it would be much better. My employers do not understand the connection between environment and productivity. They expect you to do your job well in spite of the fact that they undermine you at every turn. In the end even a staunch Protestant Work Ethic gives up in despair.

No matter, I am getting out. I will be free.

In other news I am finally getting rid of a big pile of unwanted clothes and shoes. They have been sitting in bags, waiting patiently for me to take them to the Goodwill store where they will become wanted. Who knew I had so much space? I met a woman the other night who owns a company called The Spacialist ( She will, for a fee, help you organize your home, your office, and possibly your life. It is an intriguing idea. Normally I think of myself as able to organize but once you've been staring at your own space for a long time I think you stop seeing it. You cannot imagine how it could be different. But on the whole I think I would rather spend the money on organizational stuff.

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Epiphany Alone said...

Actually, the bigger waste of time was the Pre-K orientation where they spent 45 minutes telling us stuff like "you really need to get your kids here on time" and "they need to be dressed weather appropriately". Big waste of time, and an hour and a half of babysitting.

The Spacialist sounds like a great idea pre-bringing a business into your home for a while. It will allow you to purge a good deal before you start having all new clutter...