Wednesday, May 17, 2006


The other day as I was walking to the subway I saw a bulldog that had a champagne cork in his mouth. He had it by the bottom so the just the top was poking out. He looked like he'd been corked. Weird.

As some of you know I am attempting to toilet train my cats using a thing by It's a toilet shaped plastic tray that you put over your toilet and then fill with litter. You gradually remove parts of the tray (in a concentric pattern) until there is no litter left and your cat is using the toilet. When I think of never scooping litter again I feel almost beatific.

As for my cats, so far, so good. There was a brief bit of trouble initially but now we are happily using the litter in the toilet. The company suggests one week for each stage but I think I may go two weeks. We'll see how it goes. The bathroom is a bit messier now and the cover is harder to scoop than a big litter box but I think the extra work will be worth it. If I manage to get a picture of a cat on the toilet I will post it. No promises, they're kind of shy about it.


Epiphany Alone said...

I've read before that this process can be taught to older cats. From what you described, Nora seemed to have some toilet curiosity to begin with. I wonder since my cats think of the toilet as a drinking fountain if they could possibly be reprogrammed to believe it's a litter box. Besides, Seamus might revert back to urinating on the bathroom floor...which was how he let us know he wanted his box moved from the upstairs bathroom to the downstairs bathroom...after all, we're kidding ourselves if we think the trip upstairs on his arthritic paws with his enlarged prostate is any darn patch of catnip.

Delphi said...

I think it's certainly worth a shot. It's really just gradual reprogramming. Cat's bury their waste to get rid of the smell. Water and then flushing will accomplish that so it all works out.