Saturday, May 13, 2006

More Walking

Yesterday I chose to walk uptown, up into Riverdale all the way to the Westchester County line. The route took me past Van Cortlandt Park. Though I had passed it many times in a car I'd never been to the park. It's pretty nice. At the south entrance there is a statue of a coyote. Apparently a coyote wandered onto the Deegan Expressway some years ago and they decided to erect a statue. A little odd but kind of nice.

Then there's a pool and a picnic area. It was completely deserted but in the summer time it must be filled with people. I like the idea of a pool but you'd probably have to go early in morning to avoid the screaming crowds.

Further north I found a big open field. There was a low hanging mist yesterday and the place looked a bit otherwordly. At the south end of the field there is a stone house. The Van Cortlandt House Museum. I didn't have time to stop but I want to go back and check it out.

The field itself was partly occupied by Canadian Geese. (I thought of John.) Further down the path there is a little set of bleachers and a statue of a tortoise and a hare. I didn't stop to read the plaque so I don't know why it's there. Another item on the "to do" list for future walks. Perhaps some planner has a penchant for animal sculptur

The only problem with the park is that the on-ramps for the Deegan and the Henry Hudson go right through it. Probably Robert Moses' fault. That man had highways on the brain. It's a shame because the park could really be spectacular.

Once you get by the on-ramps and into the top half of the park you find the Riverdale Equestrian Center. I intend to call them and find out what they charge for riding lessons. Probably more than I can afford but you never know.

I didn't go much further than that, just to the end of the park. I walked back on the other side of the street so I could peer into all the little shops. I also passed several senior housing centers. They've got a fabulous view of the park.

There were several very pretty blocks with flower-filled gardens. It would be a nice place to live except that it's missing so many things. The subway is a good 10 blocks away and there didn't seem to be any grocery stores or good restaurants around. I think you'd have to have a car. Not exactly suburbia but close.

By the time you reach the county line the neighborhood begins to change again, looking more run down. I know that it then changes again as you head further into Westchester. It's like the city is striped.

I want to go back on a Saturday, to see the park filled with people and dogs. It had a lonely feel yesterday with only a few people in the mist.

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