Thursday, May 25, 2006

One More

Today I went and opened my business accounts at the bank. Another step on the road taken. With each step the business becomes more tangible. It's really going to happen. And then, no matter what happens after that I'll know that I tried, gave it my best effort. It may be trite but it makes all the difference. I have mostly taken the path of least resistance if not always the road well traveled. Now I've changed that and I feel pretty good, in spite of the lingering fear and anxiety.

The small business manager at the bank was very nice. She's lived in this neighborhood for 30 years. We agreed that we needed a good coffee bar and a bookstore. Anybody ready to start one? It's a sure thing.

On a different subject, the cats have been careening around the place after a fly. Plants have been knocked over, last minute saves made during leaps but so far the fly has gotten away. Nick stared at it for quite some time making these small growls and meows. The hunting instinct is alive and well here in the big city.

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