Thursday, April 06, 2006


I am sitting here at work doing the quarterly reports. Now, at my job out system is still DOS. Yes, you are reading that correctly. This means that there is no ready way to export reports from the POS (point of sale) to Excel or to anything else for that matter. Plus the reporting options really rigid. So you have to print out this hideously long document and then manually enter it into Excel. It's enough to make the average mind shrink in terror. Plus there's the incredible waste of paper. Forests everywhere tremble at the name of my employer.

Anyway, I'm here doing this when I realize that I have done the report incorrectly.
The previous report had been for March only whereas this one should have been January to March. Now I must print it all over again. It's fortunate that I noticed early enough in the transcribing process or they might have had to take me away in a butterfly net. As it is I want to lay down and weep.

I am doing my best to remember (in the face of another 2 hours at this hideous task) that I have the next two days off and that tomorrow I get to have dinner with all my fabulous friends.

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