Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Go Ahead and Do It

Those who know me would probably say that I am not very tolerant of other people's behavior. (I can hear you sniggering) But it has come to my attention that while this is true of some behavior (e.g. littering, stopping at the bottom of the escalator, playing your car stereo so loud that car alarms go off) there is other behavior that I tolerate easily. Like taking a mental health day. As we know I took one myself. I do not blame my fellow workers if they call out sick on a gorgeous day. Particularly when their next vacation isn't even remotely in sight. A local restaurant owner was in the store a few weeks ago. She told us that one of her employees had called out well. That is, he/she felt too good, too peaceful to come in to work. That's fabulous isn't it? We've all had those days, when we feel so wonderful just to be alive and the prospect of labor is too much to bear. My manager did not see it the same way. She comes in when she feels a little sick, she comes in when it's beautiful out, she comes in if she feels great-so everyone should. I think it is a little sad. Heaven knows that I have wide perfectionist streak and a bit of the OCD but I think I've retained some spontaneity and frivolity. She may also have a bit of the martyr in her, I think. While we cannot do it often, not if we want to keep eating, we should play hookie once in while. Go ahead and do it.

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