Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Some of you have heard me express a desire to live somewhere green and quiet, someplace with a garden. My thoughts first went to the Hudson Valley area, Cold Spring or Rheinbeck. These places are filled with ex-pat New Yorkers so they have amenities like restaurants and coffee bars and yoga studios. The consequence of this is that the houses and land are expensive. Houses go for millions and even empty lots can cost over a million. Also, the lots are few with all the development that has happened in the last few years.
What got me thinking about land was an article in the Times about small, eco-conscious homes. There are several companies out there that design and build little houses. They are very cute and have a small ecological footprint. Today I was online checking out land prices in New York State. I found some good prices in Ulster County. When I looked at a map of the area I realized that Woodstock is in Ulster.
Years ago I visited Woodstock in the company of my friend David. His mom lived up there, may still live up there. The town is very cute and as crunchy as befits the home of a rock festival. Lots of antique stores, crystal shops, and cafes. I'm going to hop a bus and go for a visit up there, maybe stay in the local B&B and talk to the real estate agency in town. The weather is warming up and it should be a really nice trip. It's only a 2 1/2 hour ride. I feel excited about it.
My intention is to discover what I want and need for my life. It's out into the universe now.

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karen said...

Exciting possibilities are on your horizon! Enjoy your search...keep us posted.