Thursday, July 26, 2007

When it rains... pours. In this case into the apartments of my downstairs neighbors. It seems the grout in my shower needs to be replaced. I had thought on several occasions that it was looking a bit worn but I didn't realize how bad the problem had become. Until this morning when the super rang my bell and told me water was leaking into the two apartments below me. The plumber tested the tub and the shower and the toilet. Nothing. Lastly, he tossed water at the wall. That was it.

I don't know how bad the damage downstairs is. I'm hoping it just needs a little re-plastering. The super says the damage is not too bad, medium, she said. The people directly below me are not home. This will not be a nice thing to come home to. I feel very bad that my procrastination has caused these people a really annoying problem. I'm wondering if I should get them something as an apology. Nice bottle of wine maybe? I also don't know if I will be responsible for paying for the plumber and for any ceiling repair that has to be done. I will hope for the best. My horoscope predicted splendor. I'd like some right about now.


Kicking N. Screaming said...

Definitely a nice bottle of wine would help. After a glass or two of that the whole thing might seem a little funny. I would suggest baking them something but I've learned that some people are weird about accepting food from their neighbors. I think those people are assholes, but whatever.

karen said...

Last year (or maybe the year before? I try to ignore the gaping holes in our ceiling since we can't afford to fix it yet), the boys were "playing" in their bathroom (and by "play," I mean bouncing up and down like circus monkeys on the 'tightrope' - where 'tightrope' = badly installed PVC waterline between the tub and toilet). Shock of all shocks, the 1/2" PVC did not hold up under the weight of two boys bouncing on it. When it burst, water poured into the hall below as if Niagara Falls were on tour in NJ. Chris and I discovered then that we did not have a shut-off valve to that bathroom - we had to shut down the whole house to get the water to stop. It was really convenient, too, because I was in the middle of making dinner at the time. I sincerely hope your clean-up liability will be light!