Sunday, July 08, 2007


Some time last year the Dunkin' Donuts near me moved down the street and its former home on the corner was left empty. Recently there were signs that something was going on. I wondered what it would be. Another dollar store? Or perhaps another bank kiosk like the one that replaced the Twin Donut shop. This week the boards came down and a sign was revealed.
Cafe Espresso. I am doing my best to be positive, to believe that good coffee is coming. I (and probably many others in the neighborhood) have been longing for a good coffee place. One with comfy chairs and a forgiving attitude toward the lingerers among us. The first glimpse I've had is a little worrisome. It does not look like the sort of place in which one would relax. The location is also not the sort to encourage peaceful contemplation of the foam on a cappuccino. But I'm willing to forgo ambiance if the coffee is good and strong. So I live in hope.

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