Monday, April 23, 2007

More Eavesdropping in Union Square

I got a haircut today. For the past five years I've been getting it cut the same way, very short. I got bored with it and for the last 4 months I've been letting it grow out. I really wanted to let it get even longer but I just couldn't stand it any more. So I made an appointment at this salon near Union Square. I really like my usual stylist but I thought I should get a new view. The cut is pretty good. Nothing really radical, just some nice shaping. Most important, it doesn't take a lot of work. I'm willing to use product, even do a little blow drying but nothing complicated. I just don't have the patience.

While I was having my hair cut I listened to the conversation going on two chairs away. The man having his hair cut was a polar explorer. His job is going on arctic expeditions. His next one is going to last 4 months. His stylist had all sorts of questions for him which he answered cheerfully.

Only in New York City.

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karen said...

You'd think that guy would want a lot of hair for insulation. I know he must wear all kinds of high tech gear but I don't know that I'd want to be in THAT much cold without a bit of natural insulation on my neck. Very cool, though (he he) - must have been fun to listen in!