Saturday, April 21, 2007

Home Therapy

One of the blogs I read regularly is Apartment Therapy. They've been running a Smallest Coolest Apartment Contest. I've been looking at the entries to see if I can steal some ideas. Many of the apartments really are very cool. But I've been noticing that they all seem to have less stuff than I do. Specifically they have less kitchen stuff and fewer books. In fact, most of the apartments have hardly any books. I have about 500 and this is after some ruthless cutting and lots of self-control (thank goodness for the library). As for the dearth of kitchen stuff, that I am inferring from the amount of storage space seen. I have two rolling carts, four shelves, and one whole closet full of kitchen stuff. I've got pots and pans and dutch ovens, chocolate molds and cake stands, muffin tins, sheet pans, and cake pans... not to mention all the ceramics. It is probable that I am not utilizing my space to best advantage. I was having a little daydream the other day about a custom built desk and work area. And also about a custom built shelving unit that would hold not just my books but also the TV and the stereo. While I'm at it, I should get myself some nice custom built counter areas for the kitchen. I can see it all now, made of hardwoods, maple and perhaps some cherry. Gleaming stainless steel, marble, and butcher block tops, antique drawer pulls and lots of cubbies, a slide out ironing board and knit blocker, different counter heights for different jobs and adjustable shelves. Just thinking about it makes me feel beatific.

Anyone know a carpenter who'd be willing to work for food?

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karen said...

I have kitchen dreams, too. And den dreams, although my furniture needs are nearly realized in the den. It's the door-to-wall transformation, new windows, and crown molding that are missing. Oh, ok, and the ceiling light fixture. I really have to fix the hole in the ceiling with wires dangling out thing...