Thursday, March 08, 2007

Dream 1

I used to keep a dream journal. Writing down your dreams helps you remember them. I'm going to start that journal again and this is the first entry.

The dream begins in the middle of a battle of some kind but it's a quiet moment. In fact the battle never gets loud or chaotic. I am with several people, not people I know in real life. The enemy has 10 operatives that we are trying to find and eliminate. We've been doing pretty well and only number 1 is left. I am out on the battlements (we are in a fortress of some kind) and I decide to call out to the enemy troops, call out for Number 1. I am surprised when he answers. We talk for a moment and then I hurry off to find our leader and tell him I know where Number 1 is. I do, and then a woman and I rush back to the center of the fortress. I'm going to be late you see, I am playing Hamlet in the theater. I arrive breathless at the theater and despite my best efforts I am late, the curtain has gone up. In my haste I manage to spill both the coffee and the wine that I am carrying. I go to the backstage area and look for somewhere to rinse my stained clothing. I find an open room with a sink. As I rinse I ask the man who is there for a script. I don't know when I'm supposed to go on. When is Hamlet's first entrance? He tells me it's a 1 minute 35 seconds in. I tell him that I've never actually had a chance to play the part, what with the battle and all. But I do not actually seem that concerned about it, nor does he. I run out and for some reason out of the theater. I'm on a crowded street and as I realize I have left the theater, I ask myself, "Where are you going?" then I turn back. It seems a long way but then I see the marquee. I am almost there. At this point I think I become a bit aware of the fact that I am dreaming. I wonder, don't they have understudies for this kind of situation? Then I wake up.

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