Friday, January 01, 2010

We Made It

Everywhere I go online today someone is expressing relief that 2009 is behind us. I have to agree. What a nasty, depressing, bitch of a year. But it is over now and we can move on, I hope. I don't generally go in for big, loud celebrating on New Year's Eve. I like a quiet dinner with friends with some conversation and a little wine. I don't even need to be awake at midnight. After all, the New Year will be there in the morning when I wake up. But I do really like the idea of starting anew, of having a clean slate. It's the feeling of potential I love, like a ball of yarn or a big box of crayons; in that very first moment anything is possible. This is the first day of my vacation, I am taking a week off, and I plan to spend some of it cleaning. Really. Vacuuming, dusting, mopping, and generally getting rid of anything that remains of last year. I haven't made any resolutions, as such. I was mostly interested in getting rid of stuff that's been cluttering up my brain and making progress a dirty, muddy slog. It is a serious flaw in brain design that we all spend so much time with thoughts that make us feel crappy. So I'm going to let some of the crap go, just let it go. I suspect that the world will not stop spinning and life will go on.

Here is to fresh starts and the potential for anything. Happy New Year! To quote my friend Elizabeth, "Eat well, drink well, have a breakthrough, fall in love, have incredible good luck...avoid sharp objects, boring people, and heavy machinery."


Cosmopolitan Omphaloskepsis said...

Here's to a 64-color year!

LMP said...

How long is the year still new? Is it too late on the 7th to wish you a happy new year?

Yesterday was the so-called Epiphany, but I didn't have any sort of ah-ha moments...