Monday, March 09, 2009


In case you were wondering, I can confirm that avoiding habitual thinking is very, very hard. But hard work has its rewards. On Saturday I went to the park. Instead of taking my usual route in I took an alternate way and then I sat for a while in a spot where I don't usually sit. I'd been there for about 10 minutes when a hawk landed on a low branch not 12 feet from me. He was grand, almost 2 feet tall with a 4 foot wing span. We sat there together for some time. Eventually I got up and walked a little closer. He let me approach for a bit but then flew off to a higher branch and began to nonchalantly clean his feathers. I took this as my cue to leave though I was sorry to go. I wished he would come and sit outside my window. I wonder what the cats would think of him? Not something to pounce on with his long talons and serious beak. I would not like to be something small and furry and see those piercing eyes looking at me. I hope I get to see him (or her) again.

I had another reward too, but this one I gave myself. This week's bread is chocolate bread. Half the recipe makes a large loaf that smells heavenly. I had a slice this morning with peanut butter but I think it may be best all by itself. I recommend it.

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LMP said...

I have a chocolate bread recipe that Joy got from the NPR site. It's fantastic. You've reminded me that I need to revisit that bad boy. Mmmm...warm chocolate bread...