Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Tightening Up

Did you know that Barnes & Noble has a new return policy? I discovered it today when I attempted to return something with a gift receipt. The new policy is: 14 days and you must have a receipt, period. This includes gifts with gift receipts though apparently they may let those go for 30 days at the managers' discretion. I do understand only 14 days for money back and I understand no returns for items without a receipt but those with a gift receipt? What will they do at Christmas? Will they enforce it or will there be special rules for the season? I don't know about you, but that eliminates the only reason I have for shopping at the mega store. I liked buying gifts there because returns were so easy for the giftee. Now I would much rather go to an independent bookstore or buy from wishlists on Amazon. It seems that many stores have tightened their policies, presumably to curb costs, but it may backfire. Though I suppose that nothing will really stop the consumption machine in this country. I do hope that this results in more people going to the little stores instead.


LMP said...

...or the library. My poor library card has been so neglected of late and this just reminds me that I must resist the delicious smell of new books and the pleasing feeling of the shiny covers on my fingertips and get back to borrowing my books. The library is all ABOUT returns! (though one really can't give gifts from it...)

The Plaid Sheep said...

I am a BIG fan of the library, especially the fact that I can request books. I usually have at least one book out. If not for the library I would be broke and in need of a second home to hold all the books.

karen said...

That's wildly annoying. Maybe they're trying to drive people to use gift cards? I'm with you on favoring the online ordering service at the library. The only thing they don't do is deliver the books to my house...but that's something I can usually get Chris to do. I am SO spoiled!