Thursday, August 17, 2006


A couple of weeks ago I received a UPS notice. The next day I waited for him to come (the note said 10:30-2:00). Finally, at 5:00pm I had to go out to forage for food. I thought to myself that if I went the UPS man would come. Sure enough, as I came back up the hill there was the UPS truck. I went to it and asked the man if he had tried to deliver to my place. In fact he hadn't. He let me sign right there. Then he admitted what I had long known was true. They do lie in wait until you are gone and then they try to deliver.

I knew, having tracked a package, that it was due to be delivered today. I decided to go out as early as I could to do my errands. No good. I was gone for only 40 minutes until just past 10:30am and what was waiting for me? That's right, a UPS slip.

I swear, next time I am going to lay a trap. One of those big bear traps.

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