Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Still Solid

Remember what I said about finding a space? Forget it. One of the other tenants has recklessly decided to expand her business and has taken it. I was going to be angry with her and break out the doll and pins but then I decided that maybe she saved me. Obviously the space was all wrong and the universe has saved me from an egregious error.

On the plus side I have not melted away. It was a very real possibility yesterday as the temperature soared in The Hole. Also, the cats have not expired. They persist in running about like mad things even though it is so hot that they have to stop periodically to pant. You know it's hot when the cats are panting.

I know what you're thinking. Why doesn't she just get an airconditioner? I'll tell ya. First, I don't like the things. They make the air all dry and stale tasting. Plus they suck up electricity and dump hot air out into the world which is hot enough. (Remember, I am a bleeding heart, tree-hugging, pinko liberal). Then there's the fact that I have only two windows in the main room. A big honkin' air conditioner would cut off a lot of light that I need. Lastly, one sill is already filled with plants so if I stuck the A/C in the other window the cats would have no where to sit where they could see out into the world and they do like doing that. I suppose I could take it out each fall and put it back in the summer but that's a big pain in the butt and where would I keep the damn thing the rest of the time? So, we all have to get over it, there will be no A/C at Chez Sheep.

In further news I am having acupuncture treatment for my carpal tunnely hand and my stressed out ankle. It's quite interesting. I have had only one treatment so far and my acupuncturist thinks I'll probably need 3. (I'm having one today) Not too bad. He also prescribed some herbs to soak my sad parts. They are kind of a smelly concoction, especially with the vinegar that gets added. When I did my first soak Nick hissed at the bowl. But it may be doing some good. It's hard to tell. I suspect it will need more time. I will keep you posted on progress. The herbal pharmacy that he sent me to was fascinating. It's in Chinatown and is filled with all sorts of interesting things. They use these great little hand held scales to weigh everything. I might have to get one.

From cooler days:


Epiphany Alone said...

I use my baby as an excuse to keep my house at a comfy 80 degrees, but really I am a big girl and I can't stand being hot.

Rene from my old work swore by a portable air conditioner that sat in the room and just had a relatively small duct that snaked to the window. I think she (and yes, the spelling of her name is without the second e much to the chagrin of every French or Canadian French person she's every worked with)felt it was easier to dispatch with when the weather changed, and didn't mean losing light or taping windows. They are quite expensive compared to their window hogging counterparts, and bloat your electric bill about the same, which is considerably better than they used to be. They've become pretty efficient.

I wouldn't have thought of acupuncture. That's really interesting, and pretty amazing that it's just 3 sessions. But then, well, they've had a lot more time to iron these things out and probably don't go into it to milk those precious 12 copays out of you like the PTs seem to. Oh your insurance covers 12 sessions? Yeah, it will take at least that many.

Delphi said...

I figure that if anything that involves poking people with needles has lasted for 4000 years there's probably something to it. It has caused improvement though I suspect that time will be needed to really do the job.

I have considered the portable A/C before but they are pricey. I will probably have to be desperate.