Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fiber and Foliage

This weekend I went up to Dutchess County to visit my folks and to go to the New York Sheep and Wool Festival. The festival has been held every year since 1972. It began as a place for sheep farmers to buy and sell stock and fleeces. I don't know what the fair was like before the recent surge in knitters but now it is a mob scene. Last year the fair had 12,000 visitors on Saturday alone. I love to go and see all the yarns and the animals and all the wonderful crafts but I can only stay for so long before the crowds begin to drive me a little crazy. It's like Macy's on Christmas Eve.
Here's just a few people, some clutching their new fiber.


And Alpaca!
Alpaca have a reputation for not liking people but these guys were quite friendly

On Sunday we visited Clermont, an estate on the Hudson River. It was built by Robert R. Livingston, a man with an impressive resume including being one of the fiver writers of The Declaration of Independence and Chancellor of the State of New York. He was also the partner of Robert Fulton and helped him build the first steamboat. At first they called it The Steamboat (since it was the only one). Later they changed the name to Clermont.
The estate is beautiful and the house is very pretty and much smaller than many other Hudson estates.

This is actually the back of the house though it may have been the most used entrance since it faces the river.

One of the lions seems very sad. I have no idea why since this is the view he gets to look at every day.

Not too shabby. I think I could manage if I lived there. I'll have to go back in the spring when all the lilacs are in bloom.


LMP said...

Ah, nice river view. Makes me wish I were out hiking today instead of inside (ostensibly) working.

The Plaid Sheep said...

That's my favorite way to work.