Sunday, May 06, 2007

Scary Scary World

I stole this from here. I had to. It's terrifying. I must pass it on.

Overheard in Brooklyn

A couple is on the train, filling out some kind of application.

Dude: Okay, what's it say here? Race? Why the fuck I gotta put down that I have a race? I'm not black.

Chick: That's just stupid. Why would they want you to put that?

Dude: Yeah! This is some stupid shit. They want me to put down that I'm black, and I'm not. What the fuck?

Chick: You know what? Leave it blank. And if they ask you, tell them that you don't have any race in you. They can't ask about that kind of shit anyway.


Kicking N. Screaming said...

That's why these forms should always be multiple choice. That line should have read -
Race (select all that apply):
-African American
-Waste of Space
-Native American
(and so on)
That way that woman that overheard that could've leaned over and told him "you want the 5th one there".

karen said...

NY Marathon? Boston?